Dogging Etiquette the do’s donts and everything you need to know for newbie doggers!

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Trying your hand at dogging for the first time? Then please read the Etiquette for new doggers, as dogging has grown over the years and more people than ever before are partaking in this kinky British phenomenon it was only a matter of time before rules come into practice, Remember all these and you will be fine. These tips & rules are for both doggers and watchers. You can meet real dogging wives & couples for NSA dogging fun at today for free!

Etiquette for new doggers

1. Always make sure you know what to expect from dogging, Read all about it and ask other doggers about their own experiences etc
2. When out and about dogging always be polite and courteous, treat others with respect and they will respect you back, It works both ways!
3. Always let someone know where you are going this is for your own safety, You don’t need to go into great detail and tell them what you are up to but if anything was to happen at least they know where you would be.
4. Dogging locations are always used by gay guys and straight doggers so be prepared to see both types of doggers at some locations.
5. You may not find what you were looking for the first time out dogging so its important that you come back and browse our dogging community, you will soon see what to expect on other occasions.
6. Be prepared to meet doggers and couples who are much older than you.

Dogging Safety

1. Use common sense if something or doesn’t feel right or you are not comfortable with the company you are keeping then make your excuses and get out of there.
2. If you turn up to a location and its littered with anything you don’t like or something just doesn’t feel right then instantly leave.
3. All new doggers should tell someone who they can trust and rely on where they are going.
4. Try staying anonymous and use another name, Never give out real information about yourself ie name, address etc
5. Don’t take your valuables with you!
6. When exiting the location drive around for a little while just to make sure you haven’t been followed.

Etiquette for watchers

1. Now this is a must and has to be on top of this list this goes for everyone Hygiene is paramount. Always make sure you are clean & fresh we don’t want smelly people spoiling the fun!
2. Have condoms with you at all times in case you decide you want to join in.
3. If you have decided to play then make sure you ask the couples first if you can join in.
4. Make sure you understand the dogging signals.
5. Don’t block another doggers view this can lead to a few fisty cuffs which will spoil the night for everyone.

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